ARG Blend

Rethinking experiences

The Problem

Products and their consumers can often become complacent and stagnant in terms of innovation and evolution. The task at hand then was to re-think how a blender is used and create different features and form for a more satisfying and less cumbersome experience

The Goals


Photo Credit: Michael Hession

Redesigned Construction
Smart Storage Functions
Simplified User interface
A cheap/typical blender was deconstructed to further understand the products architecture and most importantly understand how a standard brush motor works and its overall sizing. Further research was done into other motors such as DC, Hub, and brushless motors to see if the product could become shorter



Through several months of research the main goals were organized and prototyping commenced in order to better understand the scale and hone in on the overall scope of the project


A multitude of sketches were done to better visualize the problems and possible solutions to be solved within this product as well as further form ideation
As development continued it became important to make sure there was enough room for the motor and more than likely a right angle drive train to transfer the motors horizontal motion into vertical motion.
blender final design.png
It was decided that the blender's base should be shorter and more rectangular in order to be more storage friendly. additionally, a handle was added and a cut out for the cups handle in order to create a more portable product that's much easier to handle.
blender 5.png
Once the features were nailed down I went back to sketching to figure out the final look before modeling and rendering. the top two left felt the cleanest and the most viable design.

Final Sketches

blender render table top 1.20.png
3 part system to easily clean and repair cup through life cycle
Simplified User interface, turn on and slide for power
Magnetic clip-in for base and cup

Final Results

wix assests for ARG logo.png
Handle for easy grip and wall mount
redesigned motor grip to avoid cup detaching from base