lego packaging design final render file.

Lego Package Re-design

Portable, modular, storage

Lets think about the box

Lego has become one of the biggest toy companies in the world, entertaining millions across multiple generations. Their products demonstrate a clear passion for creativity and imagination both in the producers and the consumers. There isn't much to complain about. On the flip side though, there is always an opportunity to put your own personal spin on things. Therefore, I set out to re-design the packaging design of Lego's lunar lander set (one of my personal favorites) and find out why the company does what it does for packaging and what I would do in that position

photo above done my ShrimpChimp88 on Flickr

A Full Process Book Can be viewed here

The Goals

Create something mature and modern that adds value

Create something unique but still tied to the brand

Create cost effective packaging

What we learned

What jumped out the most after researching legos packaging was how cost effective it is. There is absolutely no structure within most product packaging for organization because it hasn't been deemed necessary. In order to make a stronger argument for my own design, it would have to be similarly cost effective. Additionally the graphics on the packaging are very straightforward, showing the product, some features, its third party brand (e.g star wars, marvel etc.) and extraneous details. There is certainly room for creativity and a more artistic lens for those graphics, but its important to still accurately demonstrate the product and necessary details like piece count and set number.



Through a lot of ideation and illustrating some core concepts were discovered. It became a core goal to enhance the overall value of the packaging and make it something worth keeping. One way to do this was enhance the outside visual graphics that still properly display the product but in a new and eye catching way. Additional value would also be added by replacing the disposable plastic bags inside the box with structured smaller boxes that, while accomplishing the same goal, does give a more premium impression. Finally, it felt like a fun challenge/value add to make it possible to use the box as a stage for the lunar lander. Much of this value would only be impactful on adults, but this works for this specific set as it is an 'expert' level build priced at 99$.

Package Graphic Conceptualization

Different aesthetic concepts as well as a logo redesign was done to see what would 'click'. One thing that was clearly lacking was any sort of physicality to these graphics or a real world reference. Considering how hands on lego is, this felt like a serious problem.

redesigned side packaging for a noteworthy but low profile.

Final Packaging Layout

Redesigned Logo

Numbered boxes with famous quotes

transforming package to create a stage
lego packaging design final render file.

Final Results