Extra Bits

From an early age I've been a tinkerer, tweaking whatever I own with paint or just completely taking it apart. This page is for any little things I do in and out of professional work that doesn't equate to a big project

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Furniture Building

The one silver lining of 2020 is that many of us finally got to try things we've wanted to do "when we had some spare time". For some it was baking bread or writing stories. For me it was woodworking and furniture

This was the first project I did during this year when moving into a new house. Optimistically I was excited to have friends over and wanted a table where at least 8 people could sit comfortably. While the dream of big gatherings like that hasn't happened yet I am still really proud of how it turned out

The Latest project was a christmas gift to family friends. Two computer desks, with one having a back peg board and drawers. This was a much more complicated build it did give me a chance to reinforce my tolerance analysis and overall supplies management.

Internals appreciation

These are photographic studies of the beautiful internals of everyday technology. As I am able to teardown other products they will be added to this gallery.

This is a small Gallery of hard ware mods Ive done for myself or others. mostly custom cases or paint jobs

Hardware Mods

Vector Mascots

Custom vector mascots for web pages. Some are made as minimalist profile pictures others were made to add graphics to web pages. More will be added slowly

Brass Brand Piece

This was a small 4 day challenge to transfer our own logo/desired aesthetics into a small desk art piece. with some copper and pliers I made a cube with each side having a letter of my name











OrDu Animations

For my penultimate senior design project I wanted to make two animations to more efficiently explain two core concepts of the OrDu containers: the storage aspect and the potential canvas of the outer containers. Both were also displayed on two seperate displays on the presentations posters as shown in the image below.

Wix Assets diags.png